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The Differences Between Fine Salt, Coarse Salt And Sea Salt Flakes

  1. What Is Fine Salt?
  2. What Is Coarse Salt?
  3. What Is Sea Salt Flakes
  4. What Is The Main Difference Between Them
  5. How To Incorporate Fine Sea Salt In Your Menu
  6. How To Incorporate Coarse Salt In Your menu
  7. How To Incorporate Sea Salt Flakes In Your Menu
  8. What Is The Best Sea Salt?
  9. Where To Get The best Sea Salt

Not all salts are created equal, and using the right finishing salt can make all the difference in your dishes.

Here is a look at the differences between fine salt, coarse salt, sea salt flakes and how to make sure you are choosing the right one to bring out the best flavors in your dishes.

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What Is Fine Salt?

Fine salt, also commonly referred to as table salt, is exactly what it sounds like: very fine salt. This will usually be the salt that chefs are referring to in a recipe as the crystals are so fine that the salt can easily be compacted and measured precisely.

This is also the most commonly found salt in grocery stores and is the salt of choice for everyday needs from filling salt shakers to seasoning steaks and salads and for even salt distribution in baking recipes.

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What Is Coarse Salt?

Coarse salt, also commonly known as kosher salt, derives its name from its coarse and chunky crystals. And even though it is commonly referred to as kosher salt, it has nothing to do with being in line with Jewish dietary restrictions, as many people might assume.

This name simply comes from its role in koshering, or pickling when it was used to help remove blood from meat, before kosher meat became more readily available. And today coarse salt is the second most popular salt of choice and comes in various different crystal shapes.

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes
<h2id=”what-is-sea-salt-flakes”>What Is Sea Salt Flakes

Sea salt flakes are very different from fine or kosher salt, which both have even shaped crystals, as sea salt flakes have rough, flat, or spiky crystals that are unexpected and create tiny bursts of salt as the dish is enjoyed.

This type of very chunky sea salt is also commonly known as finishing sea salt flakes, as it is best used at the end of a dish to enhance the natural flavor even more.

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What Is The Main Difference Between Them

Chemically speaking, all salt is the same and is comprised of pure sodium chloride, with some types having added iodine for health reasons, meaning that all of these different salts will more or less taste the same, but getting the best flavor out of the different crystals all depends on how to use them.

So, basically the main differences in these various salts come down to shape, use, and flavor.

Fine sea salt, as its name implies, is the finest type of salt and generally used in recipes and especially baking, as its small even shaped crystals are equally distributed in baking recipes, ensuring an even flavor. It is also the easiest to measure thanks once again to its fine crystal content, making it ideal to properly measure in recipes.

Coarse salt has a chunkier salt crystal and is ideal for adding to recipes that do not call for precise measurements, as the salt crystals can easily be seen, unlike the small crystals of fine sea salt.

Sea salt flakes have the biggest crystals of all salts, and they are also the only type of salts to have irregular shaped crystals. These big flat salt crystals do not make for great baking or precise measurements, but they are ideal for adding pops of salty goodness to your finished dishes.

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How To Incorporate Fine Sea Salt In Your Menu

Fine sea salt will already be your go-to salt of choice for everyday kitchen needs. From salting boiling water for pasta, filling your salt shakers, making salted caramel tarts and even drawing moisture out of vegetables like eggplants and zucchinis before cooking for an extra crunchy vegetable, the fine crystal of this salt is ideal for all your everyday kitchen and seasoning needs.

And if you are looking for yet another unexpected way to use fine salt, keep some handy at the bar to rim your cocktail glasses with.

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How To Incorporate Coarse Salt In Your menu

Coarse salt is more concentrated than its finer counterparts and due to their larger crystal sizes do not dissolve as easily. This makes coarse salt ideal for adding salt to dishes by hand, as you can easily see the amount you are adding, and it also lends itself perfectly to creating such dishes as salt baked fish, beets or potatoes.

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How To Incorporate Sea Salt Flakes In Your Menu

Flakey salt tends to be pricier than other salts, this is due to the labor-intensive process required to harvest the unique pyramid-shaped crystals this salt is known for. The most common type of flaky salt you’ll find is Maldon sea salt flakes, which chefs around the world can’t stop raving about, due to its superior crystals and taste. As with other salts, it is always a good idea to buy wholesale sea salt flakes, as you will be needing a lot of salt to bring out the best in your dishes.

Flaky salt is more enjoyed for its texture than its taste, as its pleasant, crispy texture is great for finishing touches, especially when you are looking for that salty bite on a dish.

These finishing salt flakes are not used for general cooking and kitchen purposes, due to its higher price, and is generally reserved for finishing touches on a dish or dessert and when you really want to show off your cooking skills.

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What Is The Best Sea Salt?

So, as you can see, the best sea salt will always depend on what you are using it for, as some are more concentrated, some dissolve more easily, and some should only ever be used to finish a dish. And if you don’t know the differences between them, you’re more likely to end up over- or under-salting your food.

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Where To Get The best Sea Salt

One thing is certainly clear, that all salts are definitely not created equally. And in order to bring out the best in all of your dishes you will need three different types of salt to do the job.

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Maldon sea salt is world renowned and celebrated for its superior taste and is considered less bitter, less salty than other salts, with a quick savory zing that doesn’t overpower or overstay, and that is why it’s been a chef favorite for nearly 140 years!

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