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10 Reasons Your Restaurant Will Benefit from Ordering Wholesale Food Online

From order delays, incorrect deliveries and low-quality spoiled products- making sure your restaurant has all the ingredients you need can be a nightmare if your ordering process is not streamlined and your suppliers are not consistent.

Thank goodness we live in modern times! Gone are the days of endless phone calls to place orders, follow up on orders and correct orders. Wholesale food ordering has certainly come a long way from the days of endless phone calls to modern times of simply placing an order online quickly, easily and conveniently from anywhere, even during a busy dinner rush.

If you are still debating on whether or not to get out of the dark ages of phoning in your wholesale food orders, take a look at the top 10 reasons your restaurant will benefit from ordering wholesale food online.

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Convenient And time Saving

The number one reason to switch to ordering your wholesale restaurant needs online is to save time and conveniently order your produce, supplies, and food from anywhere at any time. No more waiting for your wholesale food distributors to open to place a call, or those dreaded last minute midnight orders that you want to get in, but all you get is a voicemail.

With online ordering convenience is key, and some wholesale food suppliers, like Valley View Produce, even have next day delivery for orders placed until 11pm! Which means you will never be left stressed due to those last-minute orders!

Online ordering also has the added benefit of being able to see your previous orders and with the simple click of a button you can quickly and easily reorder from your previous lists, anywhere anytime.

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Cost Saving

Since ingredients are one of the most expensive aspects of running a successful food business, it’s crucial to find ways to save money without sacrificing quality. And in an industry where profits are the name of the game, owners and chefs are always on the lookout for opportunities to minimize their bottom line and maximize their profits.

Bulk online food ordering can help you achieve this by paying less per unit than you would be paying for a smaller quantity of items. This is especially valuable for ordering your dry goods and pantry staples, like salt, flour canned goods and any other shelf stable products your restaurants flies through on a daily or weekly basis.

Bulk buying will also help you save on delivery and transportation fees, as you will need to order your products less frequently. A single bulk order could last you an entire month if you plan accordingly.

Buying in bulk also means that you minimize your risk of running out of key ingredients during a busy shift. Having to tell customers that their favorite menu item is out of stock for the evening could wreak serious havoc on your sales not only for that day, but also in the future.

Bulk shopping is especially smart during a busy season like holidays or when a special item is on the menu. So, simply put, buying in bulk makes good business sense if you want to save yourself the unnecessary headache of explaining why a dish is not available and to keep customers happy and coming back.

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Product Selection

One of the main benefits of delivery from a wholesale restaurant food supplier is their extensive product list and rotating specials, often without the high minimum order costs. If you are looking for your next menu inspiration and want to tinker around with different and unique ingredients, online ordering your food through a wholesale food supplier is the way to go.

You will find many unique items on their order lists, from dried boba tea pearls, fresh from the farm gourmet oyster mushrooms, edible gold leaf decorations and everything in-between. Back in the day this would require you to make several phone calls to various different suppliers in order to get all of the items that you need.

Online wholesale food distributors have simplified and streamlined this process by making their online stores a one stop shop for all your daily, and wild and wonderful, needs.

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Inventory Management

As restaurant owners know, there is nothing worse than running out of an item before a big weekend rush. No matter how many hours you spend perfecting your menu and order amounts, there is just no telling what guests’ preferences will be from day to day.

And if this happens during the dinner or lunch rush, which it always does, nobody has time to be waiting on the phone to get their order placed asap. Online ordering simplifies this process tremendously so you can quickly and easily make a couple of clicks and have your order delivered, even the same day in most cases, and have that popular main dish coming out of the kitchen by your next service. Proper inventory management is key to having repeat customers and a profitable bottom line.

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Streamlined Ordering Process

Every restaurant owner or chef has gotten a food order wrong at some point, costing their business a lot of wasted money. For the most part these little expensive mishaps have just been chalked up to being part of the high stress fast-paced restaurant industry.

Online wholesale food ordering streamlines the ordering process, narrowing your margin for errors. You can set up recurring daily, weekly or monthly orders to suit your needs, and there are precise online records of your orders, making sure that everybody knows what has been ordered and when to expect delivery. This way the managers, chefs and owners can all be on the same page as to what is happening with their stocks and what might need to be ordered before supplies run out.

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Better Payment Process

Most wholesale suppliers offer flexible payment terms. This means that restaurants can choose when and how they want to pay for their supplies. This can be beneficial for businesses that have a tight cash flow. This way your business can still operate and turn a profit in order to pay your suppliers.

Besides having flexible payment terms to suit your needs, you will also be able to better keep track of your order spending, and thus take greater control of your overall budget. All of your online ordering invoices will be available online from your wholesale food supplier, eliminating the headache of having to argue with the delivery crew over having paid or not paid and what your specific payment arrangements are between you and the wholesale supplier.

Overall, ordering your bulk groceries online gives you greater control, not only over your ordering and stocks, but lets you manage your spending and budgets easier and in a more streamlined fashion. This will also ensure that everybody in your restaurant, from the manager to the chef and the owner will be clued up on what has been spent and what still needs to be paid.

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Better Customer Service

Customer service and satisfaction is the number one reason why a restaurant thrives or fails.

Making sure you are properly stocked for a busy night is key to keeping your customers happy and any chef or owners’ worst nightmare is having to inform their customers that their favorite dish is currently out of stock. This can cost your profit margins dearly, and the sooner you are able to get that item back in stock the better.

Having an online wholesale food supplier you can trust is key in achieving this quickly and easily, as most will be able to deliver the same day or early the following day, ensuring your top menu items are back in stock faster than the sous chef chops carrots!

Consistency is another key ingredient to a successful restaurant, and a reputable online wholesale food distributor can help you achieve that by sourcing from the same trusted farms and suppliers over and over. If you become the “go-to” restaurant for a specific dish like oysters, caviar, pasta or chocolate cake you will never have an open seat in the house thanks to the consistent quality of products your online wholesale food supplier provides you.

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Better Quality Products

Today’s customers expect farm-fresh produce and products from the restaurants they visit, and in such a competitive market you only get one shot to impress your customers, otherwise they will simply go elsewhere without a second thought.

Wholesale food distributors carefully vet all the suppliers they procure their products from to ensure that there will be consistent quality and a large enough quantity to service the restaurants that order from them.

Restaurant wholesale suppliers procure their wholesale fruits and wholesale vegetables at their freshest and ensure that they are stored at the proper temperatures during long distance transits, ensuring you receive crisp lettuce, flavorful tomatoes and high-quality meats and produce every single time.

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Wholesale online ordering does not only give you the flexibility to place your orders from anywhere at any time, it also gives you the flexibility to change your orders and try out new and different ingredients at a moments notice.

Back in the dark ages you had to receive a faxed list of what items are on offer this week or worse yet, you actually had to make a phone call and try to decipher if the lady on the other end just said “tomato” or “I hate you”.

Online wholesale food distributors have all of their product lists updated and easily available online so that you can view their selections anytime at your leisure and make your pick for next week’s new menu simply and easily.

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A seldom thought about side effect of wholesale bulk buying your restaurant supply needs online, is that it is actually good for the environment. Buying bulk groceries online immensely reduces the packaging waste as opposed to buying smaller quantities of items. For example, larger cuts of poultry or meat are packed by weight rather than in several smaller packages. Or instead of having several smaller plastic containers of oil, you have one big drum.

Cutting down on transportation is another win for the planet when it comes to ordering your food in bulk. Fewer deliveries mean fewer trucks on the road and fewer fumes released into the atmosphere. This can have an even greater impact if you use a wholesale food supplier that orders from local sustainable farms.

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Where To place Your Online Wholesale Food Orders

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