Local Wholesale Produce

4 Advantages of Buying from Local Wholesale Produce Suppliers 


For restaurants and chefs, buying local wholesale supplies is the best way to save money and get fresh, seasonal ingredients for their customers. 

When buying produce for your restaurant, the ultimate goal is to get the best fresh ingredients for your dishes, while cutting down on costs and supporting the local economy. This in turn will bring in more customers that appreciate the farm-to-table experience and quality you offer. The practice of purchasing from local suppliers and farmers near you has game-changing benefits for your restaurant. 

Do Consumers Care About Where Food is Sourced? 

In short, yes! Due to the increase in food crises and recalls, consumers want to know where the food they are consuming is coming from.  

According to a Nielsen study, 58% of consumers [stated] buying local produce is important to them. They also find a locally-sourced bakery, eggs, and dairy products to be equally as important.  

Consumers are willing to splurge on locally sourced food since it allows them to feel connected with their food. It creates a sense of reassurance it was grown safely and ethically.  

4 Benefits of Local Produce for Your Restaurant’s Kitchen  

Many restaurants have started using online wholesale platforms to get the freshest groceries. Buying local ingredients does not just include fresh fruits and vegetables. You may also be able to find dairy, meats, and bread.  

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1. Fresh Produce & Ingredients  

By switching to a local wholesale produce supplier, you will have access to freshest ingredients to showcase your restaurant’s menu. When buying from other nonlocal distributors, produce won’t be as fresh. Part of their nutrient value will most likely be lost due to long-distance shipping.  

Locally sourced food simply tastes better because it’s picked at peak ripeness. Flavor is indeed one of main reason people value farm-to-table food so much. Because it’s harvested at the right time and shipped only over short distances, the produce has less chance to deteriorate and preserves all its natural flavors and nutrients.  

To help put things into perspective, apples sold at retail stores that come from big-name distributors have sat in cold storage for about a year, according to Food Renegade, before they reach the consumer. This leads big-name distributors to add chemicals to treat the apples in order to elongate the aging process. No one wants a side of chemicals with their warm apple pie.   

What’s more, embracing the farm-to-table concept will do wonders for customer loyalty. It creates and builds a community feeling, which people appreciate a lot. They are more likely to spend more money on food that is ethically sourced and supports the local farmers. 

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2. Speaking Directly with Farmers 

Local wholesalers know the farmers who have harvested the food you purchased for your restaurant. They usually build and keep a close relationship with local farmers, which means if you have any questions about the practices used to grow the crops you buy, they can offer a lot of useful information.  

When you know where your food comes from and who grew it, you have peace of mind. By having a clear idea of its origin, you also have a better chance of marketing your food in a way that will appeal to your customers. 

Getting produce from farm to table is easier and faster since it cuts the middle man out of the mix. Buying locally means you’ll be able to take advantage of seasonal ingredients and flavors. Seasonal meals can reinspire your menu with new and enticing flavors customers love.  

Not only will buying from local wholesale produce suppliers expand your ingredients list but it will also ensure your restaurant stands out! 

 3. Budget Friendly & More Revenue 

Buying local produce is budget-friendly. Restaurants lose out on the freshness of the high-quality ingredients when purchasing from nonlocal distributors. Local wholesale produce suppliers have competitive pricing so there is little to no risk in the switch. 

When purchasing produce from big-name distributors, additional fees are added depending on the product, location, and shipping and over time they will add up. Not only will getting ingredients help save money, but it also increases revenue 

Collaborating with local wholesalers can also give you access to specialty produce that may not be consumed at a large scale, such as heirloom produce or various lesser-known cuts of meat and fish. By adding these rare items to your menu, you not only support the local economy but also give your customers access to food that may not find and enjoy otherwise. 

Your customers will appreciate your local selection and efforts and in return will want to support your business. Showcase your commitment to getting local produce into your restaurant’s marketing and selling efforts.  

4. Environmentally Friendly & Smaller Carbon Footprint 

Many restaurants are becoming more eco-friendly by doing simple things such as swapping regular plastic straws for agave straws. A simple switch to a local produce supplier can significantly decrease your restaurant’s carbon footprint.  

Adopting farm-to-table practices is a great way to support the environment. Local farms care about the growing their produce in a profitable yet sustainable way, cutting back on pesticides and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Larger farms use harvesting techniques that waste non-renewable energy that impacts the environment negatively. Smaller farms conduct daily operations in a less wasteful manner. At the end of the day, this benefits everyone: farmers, wholesalers, restaurant chefs, consumers and last but not least, the Earth itself.  


Finding the Perfect Supplier is a Click Away  

With the increasing number of wholesale produce suppliers moving their services online, chefs are only a click away from fresh local produce. Buying locally is a great investment for your customers, the environment, and your budget.  

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