A Chefs Guide To The 10 Best Leek Alternatives 

The subtle mild onion flavor of leeks lends itself well to numerous applications for chefs, but it's not one of those vegetables that are ever on the top of anyone’s produce order lists. Leeks are also notoriously dirty, requiring a good scrubbing to remove dirt between their tight leaves, and they are also relatively expensive compared to other alliums with a similar flavor profile. Luckily, they have a flavor profile that can easily be substituted. So, if you are tired of scrubbing and prepping leeks, your wholesale produce supplier is out of stock, or you are looking to save a buck, here is a look at the 10 best alternatives to leeks. Shallots Shallots are by far the best alternative on this list as they have the closest flavor comparison to leeks. Shallots, similar to leeks, have a delicate mild onion flavor with a

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