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Valley View Application


Have you recently opened up a new business account with Valley View Produce or are you planning to open one? Then you can apply for payment terms to help with your cash flow. Complete our business credit application and we will be in contact with you shortly.

    Trade References (3 required)

    Principles Driver’s License

    Principles Driver’s License

    The undersigned states that the information provided on this Business application for the purpose of securing credit with Valley View Produce and that such information is true and complete. Valley View Produce is hereby authorized to obtain such further information as is necessary concerning the information stated in the Business Application. The undersigned fully understands the credit terms extended by Valley View Produce. Extending credit to the above named applicant, do hereby unconditionally guarantee payment of all indebtedness, liabilities, or obligations applicant shall anytime owe to VALLEY VIEW PRODUCE. This guarantee shall be continuing absolute and conditional guarantee and shall remain in force and effect until expressly revoked by written notice from the undersigned and received by VALLEY VIEW PRODUCE and all said indebtedness or liabilities created before receiving such notice shall be fully paid. This guarantee extend to and includes any and all interest due or become die together with and all costs and expenses including but not limited to collection agency fees, attorney fees and court costs incurred by VALLEY VIEW PRODUCE, in connection with any matter covered by this agreement.